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Welcome to Emma@Home!

Beyond my work, I believe in designing a life I love, filled with intentional relationships, a well-curated home, health and the time to enjoy each of these things.

My new online store has stemmed from my passion for simple yet Beautiful Living and bringing Tablescapes to life. ⁠ I have taken pride in creating my new online store and I have shared and researched and sourced products from artisans both locally and from fair trade and sustainably sound makers from around the world. ⁠

From my table to yours! ⁠ My 4 carefully curated Emma@HOME Collections will feature all things beautiful that I personally love for my home and entertaining needs! ⁠

You will be able to purchase TIMELESS and CLASSIC PIECES you can use over and over again! ⁠


Please, feel free to look around our shop to see some of the beautiful items we will have available!

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